Southgate Homes Building FAQs


Do you have questions about the home building process?


Southgate Homes, an award-winning home builder has the answers you have been looking for! If you don’t see your question answered here, you can contact us today!

1. Can I build on my own lot?


Yes, we can build on your lot as long as the logistics make sense within our buildable reach. Please contact us for details.


2. How do you compare to other builders?


Southgate Homes is known for trend-setting design that is both stunning and functional. Our award-winning designs offers both flexibility and luxury. We are flexible about meeting specific requests on the standard floor plans and will also design a custom home entirely from scratch. Most importantly we are a full service builder- we are there from the start to finish to help guide you through your home building experience. We have a dedicated staff of employees who are experienced and know how to make this process seamless for you.


3. What is a Mechanics Lien contract?


Mechanic’s lien contract are often necessary to secure construction on an “off-site” project (build on your lot); or a project that involves significant changes to an existing plan in one of our communities. The buyer gets financing in full up front, and draws are made throughout the construction process to cover the cost of the home.


4. Do you offer remodels or only new builds?


Currently we do not offer remodels. We do however offer a complete tear down and re-build on your lot if we deem it within our buildable reach.


5. Do you use an engineer?


Residential structural engineers have specialized knowledge and training to calculate forces. Here at Southgate, we use a third party engineer to design and inspect the foundations and framing.


6. Can I have a third party inspection done?


New home construction at Southgate, fall under the purview of the City’s building inspection schedule (city inspections, quality control inspections and your own buyer walk-through inspections), as well as a variety of warranties. While it is not a necessity, you may hire a third party inspector. We do require that the report is obtain and disclosed to your on-site construction manager in a timely fashion so as not to cause delays.


7. Do you build only from the home plans you supply? And am I able to customize the plan?


Southgate is a flexible home builder. We have a variety of plans to choose from in every community and able to make changes to any of our current plans or we can draft a new custom home plan from scratch with our talented team of architects. Please note, that some changes will require additional earnest money deposits, or a Mechanics Lien Contract. 


8. How long will it take to build?


It depends entirely on the scope of your home. Every home is different from the last, therefore we cannot deliver an exact time frame for construction. The building starts as soon as we have approved plans, design options selected and city permit. From the moment the shovel hits the ground, a typical build time is 7-9 months. Full custom Homes and homes over $1million can run 12-18 months.


9. What energy features do you have?

  • 16 SEER HVAC equipment with a 10 year parts and labor warranty 
  • WiFi Thermostats
  • Radiant Barrier Decking  
  • R-38 Blown Insulation in Attics
  • Open Cell Foam Wall Insulation
  • Energy Star Certified Appliances
  • Each home individually tested by a third party Energy Rate

10. What type of warranty do you offer?


At Southgate Homes our goal is to build you a home that delivers a lifetime of enjoyment with long term value. Therefore every home we build comes backed by the 1-2-10 StrucSure Home Buyers Warranty Program.

  • 1 year workmanship coverage
  • 2 year electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling and ventilation systems coverage
  • 10 year major structural coverage (StrucSure Home Warranty)

11. Is it ok to visit my home while it’s under construction?


Building a new home is an exciting process. Your safety and safety of others is our top priority. A site visit can be scheduled with the on-site Construction Manager.